The Client.

GYMAMMO is a fitness apparel and accessories brand headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Founded to design, produce, and distribute a variety of ready-to-wear athletic apparel, accessories, and other products that are affordable, high quality, and appealing.

The Opportunity.

GYMAMMO started with a vision to motivate and promote fitness and healthy lifestyle to their families, friends, and everyone else they can reach out to. By doing so, they wanted to make and design quality products that would be affordable, last, and look great. They needed publicity and good social media content to make this possible.

The Outcome.

Seraglio Digital devised a content strategy that would create a community of supporters and give The Gymammo team the voice they so desired. We developed content that spoke and passed across the message of the brand to their audience. Then we created graphics that the audience could interact with, share, and inform them about updates and sales deals.











Shop a wide range of athletic and fashion clothes for men and women who live an active lifestyle or want to be stylish.


Increase in conversion


increase in total e-commerce revenue


Increase in Leads