Nick Lockwood Coaching



The Client.

Nick Lockwood Coaching is so much more than a generic diet and training plan. My goal is to provide you with a premium service which not only has you living in the body of your dreams, but feel good, sleep better, have more energy, have a strong and healthy body , perform better at work and ultimately love the process of health and fitness.

The Opportunity.

His coaching programs are highly reputable for helping many men and women cut through the cluster and confusion of weight loss and get them to burn body fat, fall back in love with their bodies and make health and fitness an enjoyable part of their lives.

The Outcome.

To help the market understand his services and mission, Nick needed an engaging and phenomenal content strategy to convey this message clearly. Discovering that first-time clients often struggle to find the right information during the process, we developed digital materials to share with clients when they first reach out – from infographics to fliers, testimonials and then a branded deck that specifically talks about the programme.

Nick Lockwood Coaching

Nick Lockwood is a fitness coach and he is incredibly passionate about helping Men & Women ditch the stubborn lbs, transform their bodies & stay in shape for life.


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