The NXG Media Group



The Client.

NXG Group is a global management consulting, Information Technology service and Rightsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, NXG collaborates with its clients and customers to help them become a high-performance business organization. With complete industry and business process expertise, NXG Group can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

The Opportunity.

NXG Group is an industry pioneer and has deep and broad experience. NXG Group is recognized for creating career enhancing opportunities for customers’ IT employees. We know how to play the role of a strategic partner — one that will bring industry thought leadership to the table and proactively contribute to customers’ business and IT strategy but they needed help with developing content that would resonate with their audience and in turn get them new clients.

The Outcome.

Seraglio Digital devised a content strategy that would create a community of supporters and give The NXG team the voice they so desired. We developed content that spoke and passed across the message of the brand to their different audiences from small to large scale businesses and large corporations. Then we created graphics that the audience could interact with, from educational content about Digital Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship to tips about kick starting their own online businesses

Six Months and Counting

We developed a content plan that covers the next months and these content have been garnering engagement from users and the company has been getting new clients and social media pages getting more engagement.


Increased organic traffic


Increased engagement


Increase in Leads