The Client.

The history of RBI Services is rooted in personal connections. Having met through networking groups, the RBI Services Team have volunteered together for nonprofits, serve on boards together, and genuinely look out for each other’s’ best interest. Founded with the purpose that we want to support other businesses and families, RBI Services is committed to not just saying we care about the community but show it through our actions, words and hands-on activities EVERY DAY.

The Opportunity.

It all begins with the relationship. There is power in personal connections. Today’s world forces us to rely on technology but the real connections, the ones that last. The co-founders knew this but also needed a team with vast knowledge in content marketing to develop content that would engage with their followers and gain the interest of potential  new clients. 

The Outcome.

Seraglio Digital came up with a content strategy that would create a community of supporters and give the RBI Services  team the voice they so desired. We developed content that spoke and passed across the message of the brand to their audience of nonprofits. Then we created graphics that the audience could interact with, and tell the audience what they do, keep them up to date with new events and services.

Six Months and Counting

We developed a content plan that covers the next months and these content have been garnering engagement from users and the company has been getting new clients and social media pages getting more engagement


Increased organic traffic


Increased engagement


Increase in Leads